Happy Birthday, Libra

Hello Fashionistas, Yes, I have been on an unplanned hiatus!  Life has been happening and I have been trying to keep up! During August and September I took a trip to New York, and was preparing for and participated in a couple of art festivals.  I still have two more art shows coming up.  September… Read more »

RAW Artists Event PARAMOUNT is THIS Week, Thursday!

Hello Fashionistas! Welcome to no make-up Monday!  I have been working my fingers to the bone.  I think am ready!  RAW artists event PARAMOUNT is this Thursday, August 13 7:00 – 11:00 pm at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh.  For more information and tickets visit www.rawartists.org/maeartisanjewelry I will see you there. ta, ta ’til later… Read more »

Less Than 2 Weeks Away! RAW Artists Event PARAMOUNT

Hello fashionistas, Welcome to no makeup Monday.  It is less than 2 weeks away to the RAW artists event PARAMOUNT in Raleigh, NC,  The event is August 13.  It is going to be fantastic.  I hope you can make it out (if you are in the area) and be sure to tell all your friends…. Read more »

PARAMOUNT Event in Raleigh, NC

Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to no makeup Monday.  I warned you that my posts for the next few weeks might be sparse and short!  I am busily preparing for the RAW artist event PARAMOUNT in Raleigh on August 13. The event is going to be spectacular with a bit of something for everyone! Take a sneak… Read more »

RAW Arts Event in Raleigh, NC

Hello Fashionista’s Welcome to no makeup Monday.  It seems the older I get the faster the time goes and the busier I am.  I am about to get crazy busy for the next few weeks.  I am ecstatic to have been selected to showcase my jewelry at the upcoming RAW event in Raleigh, NC. What… Read more »

Happy Birthday , Cancer Girl

Happy Birthday, Cancer Girl Hello fashionistas! Welcome to no makeup Monday.  I have returned from my visit to Houston, TX.  It has been just a bit over a year since I moved from Houston.  I had a fabulous visit with lots of friends, did some shopping at two of my favorite places, M Penner and… Read more »

The Brilliance of White Denim Jeans

Hello fashionistas! It is no makeup Monday!  Last Monday I had to don some makeup and head on over to Orange County to get some building answers.  Every trip I make there I do learn something new.  Granted most of the time not necessarily what I want to hear!  This time I learned that you… Read more »

Swimsuit Suit Shopping Advice

Hello Fashionistas, Take a moment and remember all of those you have fought so that we may enjoy our freedom.  Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones and have Memorial Day off giving you a no make-up Monday too!  However you are spending your day off, enjoy and stay safe! Memorial Day officially is… Read more »

Happy Birthday Gemini Girl (May 21 – June 20)

Hello Fashionistas! Welcome to no makeup Monday.  I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.  Here in Chapel hill it was quite gorgeous.  We “visited” our property. My hubby worked on making a path for our future driveway.  One of my mottoes has always been, “look your best no matter the occasion.”  Dressing “appropriately” sort of goes… Read more »

Spring’s Standout Shoes

Hello Fashionistas! Welcome to no makeup Monday.  It is a gorgeous day, 75 degrees and sunny here in Chapel Hill.  Over the weekend my hubby and I attended a gem show in Franklin, NC.  It was a beautiful 4.5 hour drive.  We stayed the night in a mom and pop hotel, not many hotels to… Read more »